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Learn RTOS from best Institutes in Kolhapur. A real-time operating system (RTOS) is an operating system that guarantees a certain capability within a specified time constraint. Real-time operating systems are often required in small embedded operating systems that are packaged as part of micro devices. Some kernels can be considered to meet the requirements of a real-time operating system. However, since other components, such as device drivers, are also usually needed for a particular solution, a real-time operating system is usually larger than just the kernel. For example, an operating system might be designed to ensure that a certain object was available for a robot on an assembly line.

In a hard real-time operating system, if the calculation could not be performed for making the object available at the designated time, the operating system would terminate with a failure. In a soft real-time operating system, the assembly line would continue to function but the production output might be lower as objects failed to appear at their designated time, causing the robot to be temporarily unproductive. In general, real-time operating systems are said to require Multitasking, Process threads that can be prioritized and a sufficient number of interrupt levels.

Some real-time operating systems are created for a special application and others are more general purpose. Some existing general purpose operating systems claim to be a real-time operating systems. To some extent, almost any general purpose operating system such as Microsofts Windows 2000 or IBMs OS/390 can be evaluated for its real-time operating system qualities. That is, even if an operating system doesnt qualify, it may have characteristics that enable it to be considered as a solution to a particular real-time application problem.

The type of an operating system is defined by how the scheduler decides which program to run when. The scheduler in a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) is designed to provide a predictable execution pattern. This is particularly of interest to embedded systems as embedded systems often have real time requirements. A real time requirements is one that specifies that the embedded system must respond to a certain event within a strictly defined time. A guarantee to meet real time requirements can only be made if the behaviour of the operating systems scheduler can be predicted and is therefore deterministic.. The below are list of institutes offeres best rtos training in Kolhapur. You will find training centers which offers rtos training with placement in Kolhapur. Leave your details to get the rtos course fee details from top 10 rtos training institutes in Kolhapur.
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